PC started to slow down after a game crash

George Dolidze

Feb 21, 2015
Hello. Yesterday when i played gta sa b13 nfs 2011 it crashed and pc started to slow down it is twice slower then it was it also happend 2 days ago gta sa crashed and pc started to slow down but with windows defender i found a virus and deleted it then everything was normal but yesterday it crashed again and again a slow down and windows defender didn't found any virus and now it's so laggy that i can't even watch a video or movie and can't play games everything is slow and couldn't find any virus. Please help me if you can :'(
Depending on how new your system is, or how long you have had it.
If over the last few days you have noticed a slow down and crashing.
Also check for any mall ware that may of installed on your system as well as any virus.

You should download a few programs to check the temp levels of your cpu, and Graphics card Gpu processors.
As both will cause a slow down of the system in a few ways due to excessive heat while in use.

If the temps look high, then the system may require a clean out of dust from each of the cooling solutions, cpu heatsink.
And the graphics card cooling solution, if the system case has never been opened and checked for a few months.