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Question Pc starting but no screen and some fans out

Jun 29, 2020
Hey there everyone, I usually never have issues but here goes...
win 10 p
MSI z87 gd65 gaming
i7 4770K
Water cooled With 4 fans
16gb ram
6850 GPU crossfire
Haf case with front and side 200mm fans and a rear fan.
PC power and cooling OCZ 1250kw PSU single rail.

A few weeks ago playing a game, the pc shut down for no apparent reason. When I restarted it, the four cooling fans for the water cooler didn’t come on. Same with the rear case fan. The two 200mm side and front case fans were on and the GPU fans were on. Only issue was I didn’t see anything on the screen. It actually went off. I shut it down and removed the side panels and checked all connections. Everything seemed fine.

I powered it in again and it started with no issue. As normal as before. I checked the fans and temps and everything normal. I’ve games with no issues at all. In the past two weeks, the pc wouldn’t start normal from time to time. It shut down on me again three nights ago and I couldn’t get it back running normal again. Everything else is working. And it’s the same as what I said above.

Is this a PSU issue? I’ve unplugged everything and no change. Should I try a format and reinstall? I’m not sure if there’s some software conflict or not? Well, I appreciate any suggestions.