Question PC starting then not starting - no visuals on monitors ?

Dec 31, 2021
So I decided to redo the Thermal Paste on my CPU due to issues with my cpu temps hitting 95c. After removing the fans, water cooling system, removing and reapplying the paste I attempted to start my pc back up. I double checked all my connections, both inside and outside my pc, but when I hit the power button my pc turned, on ran for a about 30-45 secs and then it restarted itself and runs for a bit again. When I initially turned it on no visuals were displayed on either of my monitors. Also I noticed that my sticks of RAM don’t light up like they used to as well either. I checked them and made sure they are all the way in but they don’t light up. I can provide specifics of you ask but I’m not sure what I did wrong or what happened. Any help is appreciated!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You could try and reseat the rams though out of curiosity, what is the make and model of your cooler? If it's an AIO, then perhaps perform half a counterclockwise turn to reduce a little tension, sometimes an overtightened bracket tends to prevent system's from firing up.