Question PC starts, but Monitor not

May 20, 2018
I have the following spec:
MSI Z97 Pc mate
I5-4690k (without o/c)
gtx 660
4 GB ddr3-1333
PSU Seasonic bronze 520W
The problem started ~2 years ago: PC started but monitor no. So, back then I removed one piece of ram (i had 8gb back then) and PC started again. Mean time, I had same problem (PC on, fans on, lights on, sound that the HDD started, but nothing displayed on monitor), but this times I tried to remove and put back the ram (after few tries, the PC started), also I changed toe PSU in the new one.
The big problem started ~2 weeks ago, when in every morning the PC started, fans on, lights on, HDD sounds on, but monitor couldn't display anything (so, I restarted/shutdown the PC several times and the PC started, but next day had same problem). Until today, when that restart/shutdown didn't worked anymore.
What I did today: I changed the ram socket and checked every socked, cleaned them, but nothing (sometimes, the PC starts and reboot after 1-2 seconds and he can keep it doing). I removed everything except CPU, motherboard, PSU and I started the PC: no beeps. If leave the PC on, without nothing plugged, it restarts itself after ~5 minutes.
Now I don't know what is the problem and should I replace: motherboard or ram? or anything else?

Sorry for my English, I know I can;t explain very well in english.

Edit: I connected everything excepted HDD and PC starts, but it has a ~5 seconds delay until motherboard logo appears (wasn't so long yesterday or in other days)

Edit2: I connected HDD too. I start the PC, monitor still doesn't show anything, but motherboard logo and windows logo appears after ~1 minut.
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