Question Pc starts fans run, keyboard glows but my pc takes multiple restarts to boot

Jun 7, 2020
My PC will normally when it starts makes a beeping noise just one beep im pretty sure its not to tell me something is wrong since its been that way since i built it, but now when i start my PC , it takes sometimes 20 restarts to work. what happens is when i start it the fans run the keyboard glows, but it wont boot no beeping noise which is normally made when when my pc starts aswell the monitor shows no picture and the light stays blinking. when i turned it on, also when i restart it to try to get it to work i have to hold down the power button to get it to turn of. i tested the memory it memtest so i assume that isn't the problem the CPU is pretty new and isn't overheating i checked the temperature it stays around 35c 40c max so i dont know whats wrong

Also just so you know i haven't heavily used it for gaming although the graphics card could have been since it was bought off ebay used aswell as the memory. another thing i also want to mention sometimes when i finally get it to start it will freeze randomly and have a reapeating audio loop of what was playing until i shut it down and restart to get it to work again

My parts consist of:
ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler-new
thermaltake 500w 80 plus white-new
XFX Radeon RX 580 RX 580 GTS XXX Edition Graphics Card - 4 GB - was bought used
Corsair vengeance lpx 2x8gb 3000 mhz ram- bought used aswell
gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard-new
SK hynix Gold S31 500GB 3D NAND 2.5 inch SATA III Internal SSD-new
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Beeping noise: likely a combination of long and short beeps used to communicate some motherboard problem.

Listen very carefully to the beeps and determine the pattern. Likely repeating.

How old is that 500 watt PSU? Was the PSU new, refurbished, or used? Heavy use for gaming, graphics work, or bit-mining?

Power down, unplug, open the case. Clean out dust and debris. Check that all cables, cards, RAM, jumpers are fully and firmly in place.