PC starts fine but lag to desktop


Jan 15, 2010
Recently my PC starts fine but I have a black screen lag to my desktop. I know the PC starts fine cause I hear correct BIOS beeps and then the W7 "ta da" and then my Avast AV saying the update was complete while my screen remains black. I wait and then my desktop appears. This wait can be 15 seconds to a minute or two. This issue does not happen all the timw. Sometimes I power up and everything is normal. I have a Gigabyte MB with on board graphics but I also use an add on graphics cadr. Of course I figured it was the graphics card so I disconnected it and went to the onboard graphics but the issue remains. No recent changes to the system. I ran AV and malware, came back clean. Any ideas?

it could be a damaged windows file or it two things fighting at start up. i would go in and use msconfig and under start up turned everything off. then go into windows and see if your avast is the newest version. if it not i would uninstall it and install the newest version. then make sure that was the only thing running in start up.