Question PC starts fine but no display, black screen


Nov 15, 2017
Hi, Yesterday I've switched my current CPU(G4560) with (6700K) also added 8GB more ram(before 8GB) and the monitor was showing me black screen. Motherboard(ASUS B250M-K) was working, all fans were spinning. So I thought maybe motherboard is incompatible with the new CPU. Then I downloaded the CPU compatible BIOS update from the Asus website and I noticed there was no BIOS reset button. So I've took out the battery from the motherboard waited ~5ish minutes and put back in started the PC still nothing. Just black screen even everything seemed working fine. So I thought I'll just put back the old CPU(G4560) and then I'll update BIOS. So put back the old CPU started again. Same black screen. Then I thought maybe the new RAM's fault and unplugged that started again. Same...

Here's the list what I've done after that:

• Changed the RAM slot

• Changed the RAM

• Changed the RAM slot again

• Unplugged all the drives

• Rechecked the CPU thermal fluid, reapplied again

• Unplugged the GPU and changed to onboard display

• Rechecked all the cables, monitor

• Started PC without RAM but no beep error sound

All the result's were same PC starting fine, but no display.

Here is my setup:

• ASUS B250M-K

• G4560 (new 6700k, I've also got 7700k)

• 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz (+8GB)

• Corsair CX 500 W 80+

What should I try next? Is my motherboard dead? Should I just give up and call support?