PC starts lagging when i STARTUP games..

Feb 9, 2019
okay first of all here are my specs,
GPU: RTX 2070
CPU: i9 9900k OC to 5GHz(was 4 issues still happend so this isnt the problem)
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
Motherboard: Aorus z390 Master
2x SSD: Samsung 860 evo 500GB
1x HDD: some gay 1TB shit there's like nothing on here so this is not the problem
PSU: Corsair RMX 850 Watt gold+

as for cooling pc never gets over the 50 degrees. and non of the task manager graphs go over like 30/40%


when i startup any game at all in fullscreen mode (which i prefer to play on) my entire PC starts lagging. when im in a discord call with my friends they all just start lagging out, they turn into like robots all the words they say are super stretched out and my spotify music starts lagging aswell. But it only happends when i STARTUP a game... When the game is running everything is perfectly fine.. But when i alt+tab it starts happening again... i've looked up multiple times on the internet to see if there is a solution but it almost looks like im the only one in the entire world who has this exact problem... the rest all claim to be lagging in the game itself.. and that is not the case for me....

Please someone help :CCC


You run memtest86 yet? If not try that now. Start ruling parts out one by one. I would follow suit with a Crystal Disk Info to check on your HDD/SSDs. Also while I get your CPU had issues even at 4ghz I might try to down clock it to see if you got a "weak/bad" part or to see if your motherboards power delivery system is coming up short.