Question PC Starts, Monitor Keyboard Mouse not reacting

Apr 4, 2019
Hi everyone

I am facing an issue, i was trying to check my GPU fan's speed percentage(was using openhardwaremonitor app). I accidentally changed the speed of fan to 100% and my PC freezed after that i could not even hard reset it with power switch,i've turned off my power supply manually and turned on again and started the PC it didn't worked my PC started but No Reaction on the Monitor Keyboard(Razer Blackwidow 2017 Ultimate) and Mouse(Bloody V7) i meantioned the products cuz they have lights and they didnt flash. I searched in the internet i cleared pc i cleared RAM, i have started my PC without GPU, I have removed BIOS battery and replaced it still nothing. Also red about unplugging everything from PC then pushing the Start Button for 30 sec it will reset my RAMs i did that and it worked i used PC for the next 4 hours after that i went out from the house turning off the PC then came started again and same issue GPU Fan on max No reaction of Monitor Keyboard and Mouse and for the next 3 hours couldn't do anything i also tried the RAM reseting thing for 30 seconds but sadly didnt help this time. when i start only red light is flashing on my PC green light isnt appearing even.

Any suggestions?

GPU: Nvidia GT9800
CPU: AMD Phaenom 9950 Quad Core Blacked Edition
HDD: Segate 1TB
SSD: Sandisk 128GB
PSU: 500w (its 4 months old)