PC starts super slow when HDD is connected


Jun 29, 2016

So I have a Seagate 320 gb HDD for a few years now and a 120gb SSD for the OS. Recently, I noticed that my boot time gets slower and slower each week. Now it gets stuck at the Windows logo icon for 5-10 minutes before loading the desktop.

Even after loading the desktop and I try to access the HDD (E: drive), it loads super slow even viewing folders inside it takes a lot of time.

When I remove the HDD, PC boots up fast since OS is on SSD but some important files are on my HDD.

I tried changing SATA ports and the SATA cables but still have the same problem.

I tried different Disk check tools and they sometimes freeze when checking my HDD but when they finish, they don't appear to be seeing any problems.

Can this still be fixed or is my HDD dead? It's not covered by the warranty anymore. Thanks!
Hi there guilt0825,

That is really unpleasant. :(

I see that you've tried using different SATA cable. Have you tried using a different power one as well?

In case the issue persists and if your system is unresponsive, then I believe you can try using some data recovery tool for DOS mode. You can give the Ubuntu Live CD approach a try: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/267999-32-recover-data-mode
Just boot up from a flash drive or a CD and try to access the drive. If you can do that, just back up the data stored on it ASAP.

What tools have you used?

Keep in mind that if the files on the drive are really important, your safest bet would be to contact a data recovery company.

D_Know_WD :)