Question PC Starts then Stops Immediately [but then sometimes works]


Sep 25, 2014
Hi everyone,

The problem's pretty much the title, but to elaborate a little bit:

The PC's been working fine for literally a couple of years. Then yesterday when I went to start it up it powered off a second after being powered on, would try to power up again and then get stuck in a loop of switching on then off. I first thought it could be an issue with the PSU deliverling too little power, but then it would, occasionally but with seemingly no reason, power up just fine. Once it had powered on it would have no issues (graphics were fine, GPU and CPU intensive activities caused no problem.) But then after it shut down and I came back the next day, I'd have the same issue booting it up.

The first time I got it to work it was after unplugging the HDMI cable, which I then plugged back in after startup with no problems (as I said above). Tried again the next day and the problem was back, and removing the HDMI cable didn't work. This time I tried unplugging the GPU entirely, which did work. However when I turned off the PC to plug it back in, it stopped working again. Thinking the PSU couldnt get enough power to the GPU, I unplugged it again, only to find the startup issue still persisted. Eventually it worked (seemingly randomly), but then the same problem was back again today.

Can anyone point me in the direction the problem likely is? Would this be the result of a faulty part, even if once its booted properly the PC has no issues, or is it something more specific.

Thanks in advance.