Question PC stopped booting after installing new CPU, now the same issue with old CPU

May 10, 2023
Hi guys, my PC was working fine today untill I installed new CPU - Ryzen 5 3600, when I turn on the PC the fans turn on and LEDs turn on but nothing happens on the monitor. I reset CMOS by removing the battery for 10-15 minutes but it was still the same, I then installed my old CPU - Ryzen 3 3200G to check BIOS settings but it now does the same as on the new CPU. I reseated RAM (2x8GB 2666) and plugged the monitor directly to the motherboard with 3200G connected but it is still not booting to BIOS. CPU fan is connected where it was before. PC is powered by BeQuiet 80 Plus 630W and motherboard is Asus prime B450M-A, GPU is RTX2060. I'm not sure what I can do in this case, when booting with the old CPU stopped working as well?