Question PC stopped booting. Need help trouble shooting motherboard

Oct 9, 2019
Hello !

Edit: just realized it might also be my CPU, don't know how this hasn't crossed my mind before, probably because all I ever had were faulty motherboards. I seems there is no clear way to know without having a spare part...

Summary: My PC stopped booting after a freeze in Windows. I think my motherboard might be dead but it did boot once during my troubleshooting (see below) so I am looking for more things to try before trashing it.

Motherboard: Gygabite GA-H87-D3h
CPU: Intel i5, not sure the exact model, can't check since I can't boot.
Video: nVidia GForce 980
Ram: 2x 4Gb Patriot DDR3
PSU: Antec HCG-620M
OS: Windows 10 pro.

The problem:
PC froze while idle in windows and when I went to reset it, it turned on for 2 seconds and turned off on it's own. Then it would not power on at all.

After unplugging everything and waiting a few minutes, it powered back on, claimed the Bios was corrupted and restored it from the backup (this Mobo has dual bios). Then the PC turned off after the restore apparently successfully completed.

When I turned it back on it powers up but all I get is a black screen. The fans do spin and the RPM controller does turn on to slow down the fans.

It made it to the bios once during my troubleshooting.

1. I removed everything but the two ram sticks (switching the video input from the nVidia card to the onboard hdmi port). No improvement.

2. I removed the CMOS battery, unplugged the PSU and waited 10 minutes to start it again (with the battery back in). No improvement.

3. I realized I could leave a single ram stick instead of 2 so I did that. Then it finally booted once, telling me the Bios had been reset. It gave me the choice between "Set optimal bios settings and boot", "Set optimal bios settings and reboot" or "Enter bios". I selected "Set optimal settings and boot". Of course it could not find a boot device because everything was unplugged. So I replugged my main Hard Drive and restarted, got the black screen again. Unplugging the drive does not fix it.

4. I tried switching the RAM stick for the other one and still nothing.

5. I tested the CMOS battery with a multimeter and it gives me 3.2v so it seems fine. I will buy another one to test later today as the stores aren't opened yet.

My question:
Any chance this isn't a dying motherboard ? Is there anything else I can try ? Is their a way to flash a clean bios if I don't even have video support ?

It did boot once so I'm not sure what to think of all this.

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