Question Pc stopped working properly.

Apr 22, 2019
I have a custom build Dell XPS 8900. I've had it for almost 3 years I believe, so I decided to upgrade my gpu. I got the rx 570 and I also bought a 6 to 8 pin adapter for it to work. I placed the gpu in place and tried to turn on my pc but in never did. The pc was making normal noise and the fans were working but nothing showed up on the screen and the power button light went on and off with an orange color. I removed the gpu and put the old one in to see if things will return back to normal but still doesn't work. On top of that, now the Cpu fan started making much more noise like its overworking itself. At then end of the day the pc opens until the Dell loading screen and it gets stuck. I tried removing the gpu entirely but then it went all the way to lock in screen and got stuck. I'm probably going to take it to someone on Saturday but I also wanted to hear if you knew something.
You may want to try clearing CMOS. The process will vary from motherboard to motherboard, but with some you could remove the battery and replace it after a while; others may need to use jumpers.

Also not sure on the use of a 6 to 8-pin adapter. As I understand it it isn't wise to use cables not included with the PSU as it can create problems. Also potentially if a PSU doesn't come with a specific connector, eg. 8-pin, then it likely won't be able power such a device.