Question PC stopped working

Nov 26, 2022
A few days ago my computer was on and couldn’t get a signal so I just turned it off and went to bed. Then next day I tried to turn it on it turned on and off repeatedly. My motherboard says it’s cpu and ram but I don’t see an issue. It randomly happened out of the blue. Any suggestions?


Retired Mod
Well, there is very rarely anything to "see" when there's a component failure. And, most of them DO happen just right out of the blue. Hardware problems that begin minor but progressively get worse are actually, aside from hardware with aging capacitors, less common than problems that just "snap", are there and weren't five minutes before.

Anyhow, what are your full hardware specs? Please include exact model numbers for CPU, motherboard, memory kit(s), power supply (EXACT model needed), CPU cooler (model or, just stock cooler), graphics card, etc?