Question PC stops detecting second display if I plug in my 27" Curved Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor ?


Apr 2, 2015
I have a 27" Curved Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor KAMN27RQILA with a Radeon RX570 which has 4 DPs and 1 HDMI socket.

Trouble is, I prefer not to use my HDR Gaming Monitor because I'm used to dual displays.

RIght now I'm using two older displays for dual displays and both work fine.

I shut down the PC, disconnect one of them and plug in my Gaming Monitor in it's place, then reboot.
The second display then says "No Signal" and only the main gaming monitor is detected ?
Windows does not see a 2nd display, I click the obvious Detect Display under the display settings but it can't detect any second display ?

Shutdown, dissconnect the gaming monitor, replace it with an older monitor in the same DP Port, reboot and what do you know, both displays light up and function as expected.

So what i'm saying is my PC just refuses to let me use any second display if I have my Kogan Curved Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor plugged in.

My Drivers are up to date, I have tried swapping around the 4 DPs, and I tried the only HDMI port for an older display, and it's always a single display set-up with this HDR Display.

Considering Post Check and BIOS doesn't see it, I can't blame Windows for not detecting it.

I have been using dual set-ups for many years, and never had problems until recently. A good working gaming display I refuse to use because it only works on it's own.