Question PC stops seeing internal drives while on, causes crash


Jan 23, 2016
Hello everyone, I hope I can get some helpful advice.

My PC has two internal hard drives, one with a Linux OS (mostly use that) and one with a Windows OS, that is newer and partitioned into two parts: one with the OS and one for storage. The OSs are Linux Mint and Windows 10, if that helps.
Now, here's the problem: in the last few months I've increasingly been having a thing happen where I'm pretty sure the motherboard stops seeing any of the drives WHILE ON - that means, whatever I'm doing, the PC will start acting weird - already opened programs work (partially), but opening any other ones causes it to hang, and after a bit the screen goes black.

After pressing the Reset button, I'm greeted with the BIOS Utility, where I only see the empty(!) part of the second SSD and any external USB drives I have plugged in. Neither of the OS-carrying drives are to be found.
I usually get around this by switching the PC off and on - specifically with the Power button, not the Reset button - and then it sees the drives again and I can boot normally (after some priority rearrangement)!
This has been a thorn in my side for a good two-three months, and seems mostly(?) to happen when I'm running Linux Mint. However, I'm trying to install some updates right now and simply can't - the "event" now happens any time I try to go through with the installation.
What can I do to fix this issue, or at least what seems to cause it?

Motherboard: ASUS HB1M-PLUS
CPU: Intel Core i3-4130 @ 3.40 GHz
SSD 1: SanDisk SDSSDP128G
SSD 2: Samsung SSD QVO 1TB
Given the specs this looks like an older system so keep in mind the (rather high) possibility that this is hardware failure on the motherboard or PSU the former of which would likely necessitate a new build.

Otherwise start off by ensuring you have the most up to date BiOS installed and if not try flashing a new BiOS.