Question PC straight up turning off, no warning, then just boots up a few seconds later

Dec 27, 2021
Sorry for any bad formatting you may see, I have to write this up on my phone because my pc is deciding to be funky.

So I have recently (2-weeks ago) got my custom built PC built by cyberpowerpc, and it was working fine until it just shut off with no warning, and then booted right back up again. I am suspecting a PSU since I can hear it clicking every time it power cycles. My other components seem to not be overheating, and this issue happens randomly, whether I’m playing games, or just have my pc idle :/ it does not happen often, but when it does, it tends to go on for hours at a time. Usually I just switch my PSU off and let it rest for a bit. (this is usually what happens)

GPU: 3080ti gigabyte OC 12gb GDDR6X
CPU: I7-12700kf turbo @ 5.0ghz
RAM: 2x8gb 3200mhz DDR4 Vengeance RGB PRO
CPU Cooler: Corsair iCue H100i elite 240mm
PSU - Corsair RM850 80 PLUS GOLD CERT
Mobo - MSI PRO Z690-A
Hi teddy_triant (y) and Welcome to the Forum :)

Don't do anything that could void your Warranty.
There are many things that can cause this issue however the most common would be a failing PSU or Faulty RAM. You can run Memtest86 from a USB to eliminate a possible faulty DIMM.
If there are any errors after 4 passes then discuss this with cyberpowerpc and RMA the unit as I suspect you have little experience with troubleshooting and repair.