Question PC "struggles" to wake up from sleep

May 29, 2023
PC specs:
Windows 11
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z790 UD AC
CPU: 13900k
PSU: SuperFlower 1000W
RAM: Gskill ripjaw DDR5 6000 32GB

I'm having a bit of an issue with a new PC build. Maybe it's more of a concern than an issue but I'm hoping someone can clear things up for me.

Basically my PC seems to take quite a bit of time to wake up from sleep mode. There's about a 20 second delay between me triggering the wake up process and actually seeing the windows login screen. It probably doesn't sound like a lot but It's considerably longer than my previous build which took 10 seconds at most to wake up.

Another problem is that USB devices seem to bug out a bit after my PC wakes up. They will either turn on and off a few times or simply remain off for a prolonged period of time (about 15 seconds or so). There seems to be a connection between the wake up source and this problem as well. For example if I wake up my PC by pressing a mouse button, the mouse will be the one to bug out while the keyboard will just work perfectly and vise versa.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Outside of this my PC runs flawlessly, it's entirely the wake up process that behaves weird. No issues whatsoever even after various stress tests. I know Z790 boards with DDR5 seem to be acting up for a lot of people so this might be something that needs to be fixed with a bios update or something but none of the bios patch notes address my issues so I don't want to risk updating the bios when my PC runs mostly perfectly.
I think modern attempts to save energy are starting to be unproductive.
In the motherboard bios there are a number of settings as to how aggressive your sleep states can be.
Consider turning off some of them.
In windows the power settings can also control some settings.
For example, do not power off usb devices to save a negligible amount of power,