Aug 27, 2019
Another month another problem from my PC. So pls help, I'm tired

My PC spec :

  • RX 5500XT
  • Ryzen 5 2600 stock cooler
  • 16 GB RAM 3200Mhz
  • PSU Enermax Revolution DF 650W
  • MB MSI B450M Pro VDH Max

Windows 10 home ver 21H1
OS build 19043.1415

So the PC stuck at "Pro Series" logo, if I wait longer the loading circle animation will appear, if I wait for that loading animation, nothing will happen. That's it.

What I have tried so far:

- Cleared the CMOS by plucking the battery out and placing it again. Then when it's booting up again, I set the BIOS setting to default when the text prompted.

- Took the two RAM sticks and plugged them again one by one to see which one is defected. Still not booted up to windows.

- I tried entering safe mode by shutting it down three times consecutively. It does show the "preparing automatic repair" message, I tried waiting for it, but it's just stuck there forever. I can't seem to enter WinRE.

- I checked the boot order in BIOS, it's the correct order. The UEFI Hard Disk 240GB is at #1

- I tried reinstalling windows with USB, it doesn't work. Stuck at loading animation with weird graphic glitch: View:
I have set the #1 boot to UEFI usb.

I never Overclocked any of the parts, just enabling the XMP profile on my RAM sticks, and that's pretty much it.
Oh yeah, the night before this happened, I shutted down the computer, but it didn't seem to turn off. The fans and their light were still on and spinning. Then I turned on the monitor to see if it's still trying to shut down some programs or application, it showed nothing, no signal, so I pressed the switch at the back (the switch on the PSU) to forcefully turned it off. Maybe this has something to do with it. The next day, after coming home from work, I turned on this PC and stuck at motherboard logo. I read it somewhere that this can be caused by sudden power loss.

Is there anything else I should do? Thanks in advance.

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