Question PC Stuck at splash screen

Aug 8, 2019
Bought a new GPU (RTX 2060 Super) after old one (GTX 670) died. Plugged into motherboard and got stuck at the gigabyte splash screen. Mobo speaker only single short beep. I did a CMOS reset by shorting the two pins with a screwdriver following manual's instructions.

At the splash screen, I can't enter bios. I have a USB keyboard that lit up but when I try to press one of the keys (F9, DEL, etc. etc.) nothing happens. Holding down one of the keys causes the mobo speaker to start clicking. Every once in awhile (20-30 seconds) the mobo speaker will play the same single beep and eventually splash will go away and only a black screen will remain.

Interestingly enough, when no monitors are plugged into the GPU, a different post beep plays: 1 long 2 short, but when a monitor is plugged in it posts normally.
Also tried disconnecting my hard drive and starting up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Motherboard: Gigabyte X79-UP4
CPU: Intel i7 3820
RAM: 16 GB G.skill Ripjaw X DDR3 1600MHz (4x 4GB)
GPU: RTX 2060 Super
PSU: Corsair TX850V2 (850W)

My pc does not have onboard graphics.
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