[SOLVED] PC stuck in boot loop after upgrading RAM, MOBO, CPU, and Graphics card

Aug 21, 2019
The issue that is happening is my pc will turn on along with fans and led's for 3 seconds and then turn off, turn back on for 3 seconds, turn off again. It is in this constant cycle. This was happening before I upgraded what was mentioned above.

I have tried breadboarding, resetting the cmos, taking out the RAM and switching it around as well as only putting in one stick at a time. I have run out of ideas and have noticed other people have had this issue as well. I am thinking it is something with my psu shorting out. When I bought the pc the power port was not right, kind of like that old charger that had to be JUST right in order to charge your phone. But this was for my psu port.

When I am stuck in this boot loop it does not post or load bios. On the motherboard it shows there is a DRAM error and then right before switching off, it goes to a CPU error
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