Question PC Stuck in Boot Loop after Water Damage

Jul 25, 2020
I spilled about a 1/4 of a red solo cup full of water on my PC and some of it got inside through the top of the case. I turned it off immediately and unplugged the power, took the side panel off and dumped the water out from the bottom. I took out my graphics card, MoBo, and memory and let them air dry in a very hot room for about 24 hours.

I attempted to boot up after putting it all back together (besides the graphics card) and the computer would power on for about 15-30 seconds, shut down, then repeat over and over.

Two days later I tried removing CMOS battery and holding power button down for 30 seconds, but it was still stuck in a boot loop.

Today I tried starting it up with a different processor in and it still got stuck in the same cycle.

I’m wondering if there is any other things I should attempt to diagnose or fix this issue before I buy a new motherboard. It seems to be the issue but I just want to be sure before I buy a new one.