Question PC stuck in infinite "Exit and continue to Windows 10" boot loop

Orbit Storm

Dec 24, 2014
I should preface this by saying I'm making this post on behalf of a friend who is currently deployed overseas and just got back to his house today after a month away. He turned his PC on, and it immediately jumped to this screen:


When trying Exit and continue to Windows 10, the system reboots and goes right back to the same screen. He's tried doing a system restore but evidently there are no earlier dates.

One workaround has been hitting F8 during the boot process which provides a list of available drives, including Windows Boot Manager (and his primary drive). Selecting WBM loads to the desktop. Subsequent reboots bring back the loop.

Can anyone advise what the next steps should be or point me in the right direction of what the culprit is?
Boot into windows and show screenshot from Disk Management.
(upload to and post link)

I'd suspect there are multiple bootloaders in system and wrong bootloader is being tried first.
Check boot priority settings in BIOS and
set first boot option to Windows Boot Manager.