[SOLVED] PC stuck on Asrock boot screen after replacing motherboard

Jan 13, 2019

I've recently upgraded from my intel i5-6500 to a ryzen 5 2600x processor. It wasn't compatible with my previous motherboard so I had to get a new one. I got Asrock b450m Pro4. This was my first time installing a motherboard but I think that after hours of fiddling with it I managed to plug everything in.

The problem is, my PC gets stuck on the Asrock boot screen on every boot UNTIL I press the restart button, after which the PC boots up fine. The PC recognizes all of the components just fine and it runs just how I expect it to, but I'm afraid that having to go through the process of restarting my PC on every boot will somehow damage it or that it is the sign of a problem.

The only things that are noticeably different are that the blue LED in the power button doesn't light up like it used to, only the red light occasionally flickers, and the monitor doesn't display the boot screen right away but shows a message for around 10 seconds (something like searching for input). Also, my previous mobo had less screws and I don't have extra ones, so I screwed the motherboard on with less screws than it has holes (2 are missing, I think).

I haven't reinstalled windows, should I do that? I have a lot of important stuff on this PC so it would be a giant hassle to back everything up. Is there a way to reinstall and keep all of the data?