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Question PC stuck restarting...


Nov 19, 2017
I wanted to watch some of my old videos, so I opened up files and opened up some of my gaming clips. It opened In movies and TV, and I was watching the video, and I tried to pause it but couldn’t. I tried to close it but I couldn’t. So I close my other apps, and they closed but the movies and TV wouldn’t close. So I tried restarting my PC, and it was stuck restarting for about 5-10 minutes. So I came to the conclusion that it was gonna be stuck restarting, so I press and held down my power button until my PC turned off. I waited a few minutes, then turned it back on. It then said when it turned on, “the operating system did not shutdown correctly. Reconstructing cache metadata. Please do not interrupt. “ it took a little bit, then it rebooted back up again. My pc turned back on slowly and I was back on my home screen but it was slow for a bit but I think it’s back to normal now. Did I damage my pc at all, or is everything gonna be ok? I got scared when It didn’t shut down correctly because I thought it would damage my PC. Is there anything else I should do? should I restart it or something now again or shut it off for a bit? I am back on my home screen but worried my PC might be a bit damaged from that.

Please help,