Question PC stuttering/glitching in audio and video

Oct 24, 2020
I've had my PC for a while now and this problem has been bugging me for the past couple of months where my PC's audio and video stutter together and cause everything to slow down from my mouse taking longer to drag across the screen to audio becoming incomprehensible. I have noticed that it occurs to a larger degree when I update or download new games which is understandable that my PC would slow everything else down when updating or downloading but I should still be able to use it to do small tasks like watching videos without audio stuttering.

I have tried reinstalling all drivers that are related, cleaning and testing hardware, rebooting/safe starts, and removing unneeded programs

My Specs are
  • Ryzen 5 3600X
  • MSI Geforce RTX 2060
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB ram
  • 1 TB SSD
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What is the make and model of your PSU? What BIOS version are you currently on for your motherboard? What OS version are you currently working with? We're currently on version 20H2 for Windows 10. As for drivers, source the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's support site, the GPU drivers from the GPU maker's support site, i.e, Nvidia or AMD and sometimes from Realtek's support site for audio and LAN if their drivers are later than what's found on motherboard maker's site(provided you're working with the onboard LAN and audio).

Which two slots are the ram populating on your motherboard? I'm assuming you have a dual channel kit, all you've stated is Corsair Vengeance RGB ram, we don't know if you're working with a kit and at what frequency.