[SOLVED] PC stuttering on capable hardware

Mar 20, 2022
So this problem has been my main gripe with my new PC for a while now, I’m using super high end parts yet I’m still having stutters on games like minecraft with default settings. To put the nail in the coffin, FTL: Faster Than Light stutters for me as well, a 8-bit 2d game that a toaster can run, stutters for me as well.

This computer has had issues before with the ram, whenever XMP-1 was enabled I would get crashes in high activity games like destiny 2 and GTA V, unless I underclocked the RAM from 3600 MHz -> 3400 MHz, but these issues have been resolved by swapping to XMP-2

is my RAM faulty and should it be RMA’ed?

Intel i9 12900k
RTX 3070 Ti
4x8GB DDR4 3600MHz


I’ve ran it under Prime95 for a solid 30 minutes to test it’s max load stability, which it has passed

Use MemTest and do it overnight, not a paltry 30 minutes.

And to save drivinfast from having to ask his next follow-up question, he means exact PSU, not a general description of it. This is an area in which specifics are required.
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Mar 20, 2022
It says your CPU is being throttled. Check your PC power settings. Just set them to Windows balanced mode.

Are you on latest chipset driver for motherboard? What about BIOS?
I had it set to high performance mode, ill try balanced, though i doubt itll do anything

Ill see what i can do with chipset drivers, the board came with a CD, though i doubt that will be useful
BIOS is latest stable version, ill double check though