Question PC stuttering on desktop roughly every hour and on startup


Aug 7, 2016
Hi all, recently upgraded my GPU, CPU cooler and moved my OS from a 120gb SSD to a 2tb M.2. Have been experiencing intermittent lag on startup and roughly a few hours into usage, with no correlation to CPU load or heat. Had the new GPU for about a week before other parts were installed and it worked fine. Copied my OS using Macrium Reflect and seems to have worked okay. I have no thermal issues as the CPU hovers around 40 degrees and the GPU can be under nearly no load and it'll still happen. Audio will also lag and stutter. Task manager shows no usage spikes on any components. Drivers are all up to date (reinstalled all manually and did it again with CCleaner). I ran Malwarebytes to check for dodgy stuff but nothing came up. I thought it may be one of my two hard drives but I disconnected them and it still happens. I've upped the power mode to best performance , made no difference.
Windows 10
Ryzen 5 2600
Gigabyte GA AB350M Gaming 3
EVGA GQ 650 80+ Gold
2x WD 1TB Hard Drive
Kingston 120gb 2.5 inch SSD
Kingston 2tb M.2 SSD
DEEPCOOL Gammaxx L240 V2

Really don't know where to go from here beyond reinstalling my OS but I have a feeling that wouldn't work. I have run Process Lasso and whenever it happens the responsiveness of the CPU drops to roughly 70-90. Unsure if that's a symptom or a cause.