Question PC stuttering, restart fixes it temporarily

Jun 10, 2021
For a few months now my pc has been stuttering, it usually happens when i play games, but can also happen when i watch movies or videos.

To describe it, it is like completely normal for 3 seconds, then every 4th second it is like it skips a few frames, really annoying.

So I've tried to identify the problem by ruling out things, this is what i have tried:

  • Reinstalling windows
  • Reinstalling drivers
  • Opened up my PC and cleaned it
  • Tested the PC using one ram stick at a time, problem was the same every time
  • Checked so that all wires are connected
  • Cannot be monitors since the sound also skips with the frames, so has to be something with the PC
  • Tried overclocking my GPU in case it was under performing for some reason, did not work.
  • Checked temperatures while lagging and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, if i remember correctly GPU was around 80 C at max.
I will link a user benchmark that shows my specs:

Please, if you have any idea what i'm dealing with here, help me!

Thanks in advice!