Question PC suddenly having issues, don't know how to troubleshoot

Jul 11, 2019
A couple days back my PC started having an issue where after a couple minutes or so of running a game, the game would begin to have unplayable FPS. Along with this, audio would become very laggy and cut in and repeatedly. Something else to note is that when I install a program and the "Allow changes to computer" thing pops up, the same thing happens. FPS goes down and windows audio lags. This only lasts a few seconds. Same thing can happen on programs that aren't games, usually not on chrome though.

At this point I've done everything I know to and nothing has worked and everything seems fine. I am sorry if this post is a mess, it is just hard to explain the issue in detail.

Things I've tried/Checked
  • CPU GPU temps - all seem fine
  • Usage rates for everything - I believe they are okay...
  • Reinstall and Update video drivers
  • Format had drive
  • i7-7700
  • RTX 2070
  • Asus PRIME B25OM-A
  • Some random Dual DDR4 (8GB)
  • I don't know the hard drive but it's 1TB
Apologies for lack of some information. The build was initially prebuilt.

I don't know where to go from here. Let me know what I can try and if there is nay other information you need. Thanks!