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Question PC suddenly won't start up properly

Jul 8, 2020
So, one of my PC's has decided that today, after I powered my PC's all down and moved them carefully out of the way in order to hoover and dust my PC area, that it didn't want to start up properly.

It goes through the normal beeping sound at startup, but then gets stuck on the motherboard information screen that normally comes on briefly during startup, and won't progress any further, nor will it respond to any input from the keyboard, as there doesn't seem to be any power going to either the keyboard or the house, yet the monitor obviously works. Because there's no keyboard response I can't access any of the standard boot menus.

I've tried boot CD's in hopes of doing a reinstall in case it was an issue there, but again I can't do that because there's no keyboard response and the PC won't go past the motherboard screen.

I've checked all the connections on the motherboard itself, HDD, etc etc and everything looked fine. I removed the graphics card to do a CMOS battery reset (No jumper) and that didn't have any effect.

I can't figure out what the fault is that's causing this, so I need some help or advice. Thanks.