[SOLVED] PC Super slow after resetting bios settings

Mar 20, 2022
i9 12900k
RTX 3070 TI
32GB DDR4 @ 3600 MHz

So my PC was having stutters in games like minecraft and even a super low end game like FTL, and i've been trying to diagnose it for awhile now, so I decided to try and reset my BIOS settings to their default values

But after they were reset, I've noticed that my PC is unbelievably slow now, like it struggles to even open a browser tab now, let alone game on it. I've tried tinkering around with the settings to try and fix it but to no avail. The CPU says it clocks itself to proper speeds, around 4.8-5 GHz, however its utilization spikes to 100% when I do even the smallest things, my GPU is a similar story, wallpaper engine uses 40% of it alone, when it would usually go no higher than 10-15% beforehand. The CPU shows that its using a normal amount of energy too, around 70w when idle, temps are stable too, with a 30c idle, and going up to 40c when under load