Question PC takes a long time to cold boot and wake up from sleep

Mar 18, 2021
It started with me noticing a 15sec delay in my computer waking up and then a one minute delay. Within one day this exacerbated and turned into a proper issue. When booting the computer the fans start and the pc light switches on but the computer doesn't and there is no video output.

I did a cold boot twice, In my first try, for 22mins the computer was on yet it didn't boot. As soon as I pressed the power button I heard the starting beep. I couldn't feel the PSU fan until I plugged in my mouse(although there was no problem with it any other time so this might be an anomaly even for this problem). The blue light was there on the cpu with the red light before connecting and pressing buttons on my mouse. But I didn't notice the red light after plugging it.
The second time cold booting started after 5mins of fan running and no output after which operations resumed normally. PSU fan working from the start. No beep as soon as the power button was pressed instead it came when the booting process had started. only the blue light was on first 5mins but during the booting the red light was on as well.

I woke the computer from sleep twice as well. The first time it took 8 1/2mins to boot and 5mins in the second. Blue tower light was blinking. The mouse(which is wired) both waking times flashed its laser for a second upon pressing and switched on its laser completely when the booting process started, then abruptly at the windows loading screen flashed quickly without invocation multiple times before going back to normal. In both times waking the beeping sound played, motherboard BIOS screen was displayed followed by the windows loading icon. But after this the computer loaded up with all of my applications and windows intact, thus it seems to still have been in sleep mode.

Surprisingly, warm booting has no problems.

AMD FX6300
GT 730(this doesn't feel good)
Power supply: iball ZPS299
Motherboard: M5A78L-M LX3

Anomalies in past few days:
Power outage while using my computer thrice today.(although my motherboard has surge protection)
Installed voicemeeter banana


What wattage is that iball ZPS299 PSU?

Age, condition, heavily used for gaming, video editing work...?

Surge protection does not provide power per se. If you have a UPS with surge protection that is another thing.

The UPS should (batteries and condition permitting) provide enough power just long enough for you to properly shut down the system.

Windows 10? If possible, look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warning, and even information events that correspond with the problems being experience.

An increasing number of errors and varying errors are an indication, to me at least, of a failing/failed PSU.

PSU's provide 3 basic voltages to the motherboard/computer. Any problem with any voltage will cause some sort of system failures. Fans may spin, LED's illuminate, etc..

However you need all voltages, to have a fully functional system.