Question PC takes alot of time to load, and randomly restarts.

Mar 1, 2020

So sometime ago, i posted here for a suggestion regarding my issue with my PC (LINK: ). I was told that it was due to a poor quality PSU. The problem was that it would sometimes start and keep speeding up at full and never go down nor will it ever start. Then sometimes, it would start then turn off immediately, then restart again and keep on doing it. I recently replaced my PSU with this:

Which i know is a 3rd tier PSU. But now, the problems have changed. The system would restart randomly sometimes and when it doesnt restart, it would take ALOT of time to boot. I am talking 15 minutes and would not work properly AT ALL (very slow processing). I thought maybe I am having issues with my Windows, or maybe harddrive? but nope, when I was setting up for new Windows install in BIOS, it restarted again. I dont understand what can it be? Is it my motherboard? Or my casing? I can jot down the speeding up issue to my casing, but what of the random restarts? I will try to change my electric outlet placement but i have been using my PC with it for quite sometime now.

PSU: Cougar GX-S650
Motherboard: H110MK Asus
Processor: i5-6600k
Graphics Card: GTX 960 SCC

UPDATE: I tried a different outlet, and it still wasnt very helpful.
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