Question PC takes long time to start and won't shut down unless force shut down ?

Apr 19, 2020
i launched a 3D printing programe 4 days ago and My pc started to run weird. kinda laggy.
tryed shutting it down through the menu (normal way) and didn't do nothing anything. i had to forced shut down with the power button.
when i started it back up, it was super long to start. (i have fast boot on and never had problems with booting before)

Then it says my overclocking failed and i had to go to my bios. (overclock through the easy overclocking thing iin my ASUS bios)
i tryed without the overclock and its still super long to boot and hard to shutdown.

I dont think its a hardware problem, i haven't changed any parts, a lot of stuff is laggy and i cant find out why ?
can anyone help me?

Full setup:
Ryzen 7 1700x
Asus crosshair hero VI
RAM 32gb DDR4 TridentZ RGB 3200Mz
PSU Thermaltake Thoughpower grand rgb 750w 80+gold
Crutial SSD 500gb
Samsung SSD evo 860 1tb
Fractal design Define R6
Custom EKWB CPU & GPU ridgid tubing water loop.
windows 10