Nov 15, 2015
Last week my CPU died (Ryzen 5 3600) and I had to buy another one (same processor) because it was out of warranty. I came home and tried to turn it on, everything seemed normal, fans turned on, but nothing on screen display. I took it to tech support and they tried every component and said that the CPU was faulty, since they tried another CPU on my MOBO and everything worked. So I installed the new CPU today and now the PC takes way too long to show the BIOS screen (when you see the brand of the MOBO). Sometimes it boots, shows the BIOS screen and then the Windows logo, and after that it kind of restarts and shows again the BIOS logo until it finally takes me to the screen. I even updated the BIOS but nothing. Could it be a bad MOBO that also killed my CPU? I have read that bad CPUs are not very common. I'm afraid that my new CPU dies because another faulty component.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600, MOBO: ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0.

If you need to know the rest of my components let me know, I just don't remember atm the exact name of all of them. I'm using a 750W PSU from Corsair. Thank you!


Apr 5, 2020
Have you update your mobo BIOS? This mobo does not support R5 3600 out of the box. A lot of times the CPU still works just with problems. Try a BIOS Update and a BIOS Reset(Reset all BIOS Settings to default). I'll warn you that a power outage during a BIOS update will brick your motherboard so do it at your own risk. BIOS updates only take 5 minutes at MOST and they're not that difficult to do.