PC to HDTV blurry text


Oct 30, 2009
I am setting up a HTPC,

The following are true

I am using a HDMI > HDMI cable (I have also checked the cable by replacing it with another one)
I am outputting via a 9300 or a GTS250 (so not the video card that is at fault)
I can output from either video card using HDMI or D-SUB
TV can input via PC/D-SUB or HDMI
TV is a Logic 40" and it is a 1080p display with native Res of 1920/1080
TV is set to 'Dot-to-dot'
Refresh has been checked @ 35/30/50/59/60 all are blurry

The PC/D-SUB picture is pefectly clear (like a monitor), the HMDI is fuzzy/blured, There have been many many many posts about this on lots of different forums, yet not decernable answer.

Why is a 1:1 pixel ratio from a digital output to a digital input on a digital device blurry? running native resolution. I'm assuming some sort of overscan issue, but running a 1:1 ratio should remove.

Anyone know what is causing this issue ?


Many Tv's seem to do this, and I'm still entirely unsure why. I have the exact same problem, and find that (weirdly) it looks much better over VGA.

If you can, use a VGA cable, I'm sure it will look much better. Hopefully someone will have an ides why it does this.