PC to PC Ethernet connection - Unidentified network - Windows 10 (both pcs)

Sep 27, 2018
Please help, I'm tearing my hair out.

I have a main PC and a laptop - trying to connect the two via crossover cable.

I've tried everything I can find online but still shows as "Unidentified network".

They are both connected to the same WiFi. But I'm looking for a direct ethernet link between the two.

I have managed a couple of times to get the network to show as connected and private on the laptop - but no luck on the PC.

PC has a TP-link wireless PCI adaptor in it... if that might be causing issues?

The Paladin

usually a computer has either wifi or wired connected at one time, you may need to bridge wired and wifi in network connections

but if both computers are connected to same router, they are already connected together internally on your house network, connecting the via cable will not really improve on connectivity or be used to help one pc to use a wifi signal over the other wifi pc signal (if that is what your thinking of achieving)

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