[SOLVED] Pc to Stereo


Feb 8, 2015
I plugged all the cables where they are supposed to go. Everything looks good. Turn on my PC, everything works, drivers are updated. But when I turn on my stereo, which is connected through HDMI to my GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB , my desktop changes, all icons are gone, and if I click on a program from the start menu, nothing happens. To go into the NVidia control panel under Set up digital audio I have to turn off my stereo, but in doing so, it deselects my stereo as an option.

At one point I was having the same issues on a different computer. Here's what I remember from that: In Settings->Display there is the section for multiple monitors. When my stereo is plugged and powered up, the display triggers that there is a second monitor. It adds my stereo to the slot where my Monitor was, and slides my actual monitor to a new monitor slot, and according to the display panel, I now have multiple monitors. I cannot do a thing. Am I going to have to connect to the motherboard audio jacks? Or is there a hotkey or Fbutton that will allow me to switch?

Any suggestions?