May 29, 2013
Dear forum members,

I am really interested in buying a TV such that I can stream movies/TV shows from my PC to the TV. I do know most TVs these days have integrated apps such Netflix, Hulu, etc. I intend to primarily stream media via an app which would not be available other than from my PC. Also have access to various servers with media content I will be streaming to the TV.

I am wondering the following (as this is a new concept to me):

  • What cable (DVI, HDMI, DVI to HDMI, etc.) would be best suited for sending the video to the TV?
  • Is there a way to "Cast" from my PC to the TV?
  • I would presume if I want a custom audio solution for the TV, soundbar, surround sound, etc, then I would sent the video/audio from my PC to the TV, then I would presume the TV has an audio out (in general) which I would send to the speakers/Audio solution?
It should be noted these are arbitrary concerns as I have not yet purchased a TV. Depending on what requirements I need to meet to watch content from my PC to the TV will determine which type of TV I need to purchase.

Best Regards,


I have a PC dedicated for pushing stuff to the TV.
That might be Netflix or Amazon Prime, or movies that are read off the NAS box.
That PC is controlled from my main system with TeamViewer.

In answer to your questions:

  1. I use HDMI
  2. The PC sees the TV as just another monitor
  3. That is exactly the way I do it.

Math Geek

same here. pc connected by hdmi as a second "monitor" and then i simply move the window to the tv so i can watch it.

my pc speakers are plenty good enough, so i only send the video and use pc speakers for the sound.

you can do the same or use the audio out from the pc to your audio set-up and video through hdmi if you wish. or of course as you noted, many tv's have an audio out and will send audio from the tv to your audio set-up. plenty of options, in case your budget and wish list may not be on the same page!! :)