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Pc turn off completely including fans and LEDs then start again to desktop normally when restart

Yusuf Il

Aug 16, 2014
As I said sometimes when restart my pc every think include fans and led turn off completely then after some seconds will start again normally to desktop what could the proplem be ?it is a new i7 6700k with ga z170x gaming 5 and gskill 3000 running at 2133 no error codes on my motherboard debug so I thing the board is ok
It`s not really a problem some motherboards do this.
It is just part of the way it does it`s post checking of the motherboard it`s self.

Sometimes, it done for example to flush any garbage information out of the ram or memory modules, if for example you told windows to restart the system in question. As the information in the ram modules is only cleared when all power is gone from the ram modules.

Obviously a restart does not do this.
So it will be a feature of the board to completely flush the ram of any old data, by a complete power off of the motherboard for a few seconds to clear any data left in the ram. feature of the motherboard.
You can often set this option in your bios sometimes, on how the system flushes the ram memory modules on a restart of the system.

It will also check and validate that all of the pre settings in the bios have not changed.
For example it will use the same function if you overclocked the cpu on the motherboard for example but you set it so high the system will not post properly. it will then exhibit the same sort of action or function to revert to a prior bios setup where it knows the motherboard posted without error.

Sometimes it is also done because the board monitors power distribution through the motherboard as well as temperatures for the cpu ect and does that kind of reset to check all of the power is correct and within working parameters. Just a bios system test really of settings ect. The way it`s done differs from brand maker of motherboard and model number of the board you have.

It`s a good thing really, more common on boards that have a two Digit error code lcd display, error diagnostic on the motherboard.