Question PC turn off randomly

Oct 22, 2020
Hello! i dont know if someone already got this problem... but my config:
i7 7700K (overclocked and sotck)
16GB RAM HyperX Savage (overclocked and stock)
GTX 1660 Super (overclock and stock)
PSU EVGA Supernova G3 750W
M.2 Adata Spectrix 512GB
SSD Samsung EVO 850 250GB
1 extra fan for CPU, 1 for GPU and M.2 and other for PSU

I tested everything with my 2 mobos: Asus Sabertooth Z170 and MSI Gaming M7 Z270.

With the Asus everything is working fine for entire 48 hours without turn it off, but the problem start like 2 week with my MSI (i have it for about 3 months) when i'm playing in some moment my pc turn and its like trying to reboot, all the mobo leds keep blinking, already update the bios, update every driver, test with and without my GPU, test my RAM modules, format my pc.

So someone know whats maybe happening with my MSI? oh to mention, with my air conditioner turned on nothing happens with MSI.

My PSU is not enough for this mobo? Because all guys i see using has a psu with 1000W or 1200W, but with my config the max usage of watts maybe is 550W, so a believe it can handle with no problem.

So please let me know whats you guys think its happening.