Question PC turned off and power blinks?


Oct 22, 2016
Hey all, so i woke up and tried to turn on my computer but nothing happened, not even a power blink. So i took off the side panel and unplugged mostly everything and tried it with my psu. It still blinked the power and the fans spun for 1 second, but nothing else. I did the paperclip test and the fan still worked but apparently that isn't accurate? I then tried my old PSU and it the power came on but the CPU light also came on, even with the cpu power installed. Could this be a CPU issue? or just my PSU?

Specs are :
Amd r5 2600
Msi b450 tomahawk
2x8gb of g skills v ram
Gtx 970
Rosewill650w psu

Vic 40

Could be cpu or psu or even motherboard. Might want to try breadboarding, start with only cpu in, see if the cpu light still comes on. Can take gpu and ram out of the motheboard inside of the case and test like that.

Could try and rma that rosewill psu, see what they have to say about it. Some more detail specs about both psu would be nice. For Rosewill what type and the other all of it.