Question PC Turning itself off - only on specific game!

Nov 29, 2022
Hi all,

Very random case here i do not understand, looking for suggestions.

Got a mid-high end gaming PC, custom built by PC specialist. AMD build, Ryzen 7 3800x processor, 5700XT GPU, ASUSx570 plus gaming Motherboard, 32gb memory, 850w PSU, Windows 10 etc.

When i load up Halo infinite, and press pause and go onto the settings menu, my PC will turn itself off within 30seconds. Full power off, no crash, no blue screen, no error message. Nothing.

It then loads up perfectly fine when i turn it back on.

I've done endless stress tests etc, not been able to replicate it.

I cannot work it out.

Tried reinstalling the game, drivers all upto date, removed any OC.

It runs every other game.

Only once happened on another game which was right at the start of Dying Light 2 during an in-game video.

Any ideas?

All parts under 3 years old. PSU is newest as got upgraded as thought that was the issue. GPU 2 years old.