Question PC turning off and on continuously ?


Aug 25, 2018
Hi, for some more context I suggest you take a look at my older motherboard post as well.

I recently got a new B450 Steel Legend from Asrock as a replacement for my old motherboard, that I think I fried. After I fried it I went to a friend which has an Asus rog B450 to test it out, and the cpu and ram were working normally, also put them under Prime95 with the small FTTs test, it seemed fine. Now to current day I put the new motherboard in and the PC starts , and then shuts off after like 10 seconds. Obviously scared I went to my friend again and tested the cpu and ram again, but the pc was still doing the same thing with the Asrock mb, I then replaced his cpu and ram with mine and it was all fine again, I did get the Asrock to boot in BIOS , but it stayed there for only 10 seconds, shut off and then resumed its happy little off/on cycle. Back home I put just one stick of ram in the A2 slot (originally was A1 and B1 and during testing at friend) and the PC started up normally, motherboard ramping fans up and down, just like it is setting up and then, shut down and on again after 10 seconds and it repeats the cycle. I am clueless to what the problem is.

Update: Tried to run pc with just motherboard and CPU installed , same thing happens.

Pc specs :
Amd ryzen 3 2200g
2*8gb Crucial ballistix 2666mhz (one single rank and the other dual)
Asrock B450-m pro4 (supposedly fried one)
Asrock B450 Steel Legend(new one)
Seasonic M12II Evo 520w 80+ bronze
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