Question Pc turns off after few minutes of gaming.

Feb 5, 2020
Hello everyone I desperately needs help
My PC randomly shuts off and restarts after few minutes or hours off gaming . I play fortnite when im playing a light game mode my PC last for few hours and when im playing heavy modes or end games it takes few minutes for it to turn off, when I played nfs payback it turned off in 5 min. I have already replaced my psu and temperatures are normal don't know what to do pls help.

My PC specs
cpu-i7 8700k
Gpu -nvidia 1060 6gb
Motherboard --asus b360m Pro4
Ram- 16 gb
Psu-antec vp500watt
It sounds like you have an issue with heat or with power.

You say your temperatures are normal ... all temperatures? Not just the CPU and GPU, but also memory, video memory, south bridge, etc. First thing I would do is remove the cover on your case and retest.

Power ... seems unlikely since you tried a different power supply, but the symptoms are consistent with power issues. It could be a damaged or overheating voltage regulator on the MB or video card. If the lights in your house dim randomly, you may have an issue with line voltage.

Are you doing any overclocking? Have you tried underclocking?
Feb 5, 2020
How do I check the temperatures of video memory and south bridge. I removed the cover but its the same result and voltage in my house seems fine and this has been happening for a month now .Im not doing any overclocking and voltage reg on MB ?how do I check those?

It's not easy. Most motherboards do not have temperature sensors near those components. An IR Thermometer is probably the easiest way.

I would also try underclocking your video card. Do you have MSI afterburner or similar software that came with your video card? You can use that to limit the clockrate of the card. If this fixes the problem, then the issue is most likely with your video card.


Mar 23, 2019
Download HWINFO64 download and run in sensor only mode, this would or should tell you many diffrant tempatures on your board (provided the board has sensors) .. you can run it in background as you run games and maybe see what causes the crash .
Feb 19, 2020
Slap an 8700k (100W) and a 1060 (200W) onto the cheapest B360m you can find, with an equally cheap 500W PSU and this is what you get. Your system is running out of juice, probably the PSU; and I'd recommend a 750W maybe settle for a QUALITY 600 or 650W, but 500W just isn't enough, especially on a ValuePower, that can only sustain like 350W (Not all PSU's are created equal, and max wattage, is not max sustained load). the VRMs on your board could also be compromised. If that can't possibly be it, I'm curious if you live an an area with high humidity, because your mobo or gpu are much more likely to be affected by humidity i.e. costa rica has their own manufacturing tolerances for electronics due to an extremely high humidity, PC manufacturers also do not warranty their products if taken to these countries. This could also be something as simple as a driver or BIOS issue. It also seems possible some of these components may be old enough to need new thermal paste, but if temps aren't high probably not. I'd make a list of what you have and haven't tried, get them in a logical order, and go through them all one by one. OCCT and AIDA 64 are great tools for narrowing problems like this one down. It could just be dirty power, as well, are you using a UPS, if so does it have any AVR or PFC capabilities? My money is on Power here if heat really isn't an issue.