Question Pc turns off immediately after “ez debug LED” light flashes

Apr 7, 2020
Hey guys, i recently bought some new components to kinda mix my old hardrive and powersupply with the new stuff
New case: evolveo nate 2
Gpu: gigabyte geforce gtx 1650 gaming OC 4G
Cpu: i5-9400F
Motherboard: MSI H310M PRO-VDH PLUS
RAM: 16gb kit ddr4 2666mhz cl16 vengeance
Power supply(from old computer) : chieftec 600W (it was working perfectly fine on old computer)
Hard drive(from old computer) : seagate 1000gb SV35
I plugged everything in and i tried to turn on my pc it firstly just turned on for like a second and the power on/off button flashed green like it should ,then pc immediately turned off ,i was confused so i looked for some tutorials or help cause i thought i plugged something wrong and i did, it was the power on/off, hdd led wires
So when i plugged them correctly,
I tried to turn on the pc and the power on/off button didnt even flashed green anymore and just ez debug LED light on motherboard flashed for a half second and pc didnt even start now its happening over and over
Im really confused

I hope ull guys help me find the issue