Question PC turns off/restarts after a few minutes of playing these games: Arkham City/Knight, Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel

Apr 11, 2022
Disclaimer: It is a long post ahaha

PC Specs (all bought as new, no used parts):
Ryzen 5 2400g
Powercolor RX580 8gb
2x8gb ddr4 2400mhz
2x ssd: 1x 240gb sandisk boot driver, 1x lexar 120gb extra ssd
1x 7200rpm seagate hdd
A320M pro vh plus mobo
Panther PVE 500w AVR
Trendy 500w psu

Description of issue:
After these past couple of months, I have had an issue where my pc just turns off/restarts after a few minutes of playing Arkham Knight/City, Bdl 2 and pre-sequel. There is no blue screen, nor error notif once my pc turns back on, it just turns on normally. Sometimes it takes about nearly an hour for it to occur, and in VERY rare occasions, it does not occur at all. In order to narrow down what causes the issue, I have tried these solutions and jot down other stuff I've noticed that might help with solving my issue.

Solutions I've tried:
  1. Updating gpu and windows 10 drivers to latest, no avail
  2. Scanning with antivirus such as windefender and malwarebytes (Full scans, not quick scans), nothing was found, all clean
  3. sfc /scannow (no errors), chkdsk /f (no errors), the dism restorehealth command
  4. Reseating my ram, seemed to have helped temporarily, but still no avail.
  5. Reinstalling my drivers to an older version using amdcleanuputility, no avail. I've also tried reinstalling my drivers with the new drivers as it might have just been a corrupted installation, no avail too.
  6. Reinstalling those games I mentioned and verifying in game files, no avail.
  7. Asked help from reddit techsupport, to no avail
  8. Checked for overheating temps of cpu or gpu, both don't get past 80 degrees at all.
  9. Checked to see if it happens with other more demanding games like FO4 on high settings, and Apex, and FH4 no issues.
  10. Checking to see if it happens with other older games like minecraft or FO4, no issues there too.
  11. Changed compatibility settings of game launcher to windows 7 or 8, no avail.
  12. Undervolting my gpu in case it was a power supply issue (Reduced by 50mv, have tried to go as far as 70mv but frame rates are very slightly reduced at that point), no avail
  13. Testing my CPU with Cinebench with 3 runs, no issues on each, and no problems with the scores.
  14. Used Radeon Software's stress test on my GPU 3x in multiple occasions, no issues at all.
  15. Changing the Link State Power Management option in Power Options to Off as some people have solved this issue via that way, no avail on my part.

Solutions I might try in the future (should I, or should I not?):
  1. Use DDU to reinstall GPU drivers
  2. Replace PSU for a better one (i will inevitable change it for a higher quality one, once i have saved up more money)
  3. Format all my storage drives
  4. Update MOBO bios to latest ones (large chance I wont do it, i dont have a ups and electrical grid issues in my place are common)
  5. Reinstall Windows 10

Other stuff I've noticed that might help:
  1. Arkham City/Knight, BDL 2/Pre-sequel are games with Nvidia specific features. (i have them turned off btw or they are not available to turn on at all)
  2. Checking out event viewer, shows it as a kernel power event 41 task 63, bug check code sometimes varies
  3. Loud coil whine on PSU during those games
  4. Does not happen with other older games, does not happen with more demanding games, and does not happen on modern games.

This issue has honestly been driving me insane, as I bought the Arkham games as a gift to myself during my bday, and my friends and I have been wanting to replay the BDL games but I can't because of this issue. And we have a long academic break currently and have finished all my projects/homeworks, so I am missing the opportunity to play those games.

Any help at all would be insanely appreciated. I can maybe try to send you a clip of the issue, if you are interested, I will send it through gmail though. Thank you for reading this long af post!
Not to mention that 500w is the bare minimum recommended for a RX580, and that may not be enough if the PSU is of questionable quality. Never skimp on a PSU, low end ones can actually damage parts.