Question pc turns off sometime after startup under phantom heavy load. Desperate for solution

Dec 10, 2022
Greetings, posting this in hopes of anyone having a remote lead on my problem because i'm at my wit's end.

2 months ago i decided to buy a new desktop because my old one of 7 years was starting to show the signs. New build came in, worked pefectly fine for those 2 months, then one day i boot it up, and the moment the pw screen showed up on the monitor the pc suddenly reved up with a loud kind of grinding sound coming from the case. I thought nothing of it at first because that sound was usually made any time the pc was under extreme load ( having 2-3 games open at he same time for example ) and whenever i removed said load noise would immediately stop, however this time it continued as i was doing anything and at some point the pc turned itself off. I restarted it but the problem persisted so i left it idle a bit but it closed itself yet again. I repeated this for about 3-4 reboots until it booted up as if nothing had ever happened, and proceeded to work like normal. I ran a stress test and got normal results, including sound coming back on during extreme workload but dissipating after no problem.

I went into event viewer and the shutdown was listed as kernel power error 41,. I googled the issue and followed all the steps to correct it ( updating drivers , checking hardware etc ) but the next day the problem reoccured except this time it took about 7 reboots for the phantom load to not be there.

I dropped it by at my local tech support and they came back reporting nothing was wrong with the machine, i brought it back home and it proceeded to do the exact same thing that very day ( boot up, rev up for no reason with that sound, and persist being phantom loaded until it turns off ). After restarting this time however, the monitor wouldnt display a singal as well (pc on, monitor on and displaying no signal despite everything being plugged in and working moment ago )

At this point i plugged in my old pc to test if maybe my monitor broke too, but the old pc worked just fine, so i let it just sit for the day. Next day i opened up the old pc and to my horror a very similar noise started coming from this pc as well on the same moment ( pw screen ). I let it idle not knowing what to do but after 20 or so minutes the noise stopped and this pc stayed on and working like normal.

I called tech again and they said they couldn't provide further help as it appears the new pc had nothing wrong with it while it was on them and despite numerous stress tests it stayed on the whole time. I am frustrated and desperate as this is now 2 machines i can potentially lose to seeminly nothing so I hope anyone can be of assistance.

-- System: Windows 10
--CPU: Intel i7 4790

-- System: Windows 11
--CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X


  • Checking cable connections
  • Updating drivers
  • Cleaning and checking hardware
  • Safe mode boot
  • Dskchck and other diagnostics
  • Technical support
I hope anyone out there can provide any type of help , this is a very frustrating situation and I don't want to lose these 2 machines to something that might kill a potential 3rd pc I might have to invest in. Thank you for your time reading through this and any potential help you can provide.
Dec 10, 2022
brand and model of the psu?

I can't find the details of the old pc's psu, but the new one is an in country brand ( Turbo X ) with model being the RGB serries 800 W 80+ bronze semi modular. I am certain the old pc has an older non RGB variant of this brand because I bought both pcs from the same store. Unsure as to what known brand they would be similar in comparison since PSUs are my worst area knowledge wise when it comes to pc building.